segunda-feira, 15 de julho de 2013

Drive me insane

Dry my tears away,
Hold me tight
Dream with me,
Together we'll fly...

Let me breethe that gentle smell of yours
And faint in your soft lips
If only had the power
If only I had a chance to make you happy...

Your smile warms my heart
Your eyes make me wonder
When I'm with you I went to another dimension
A peaceful and joyful place

When I leave you
My heart gently screams your name
and my voice weeps you under my tears
I wish to be with you over and over again
But now...I am losing my hopes and that really makes me sad...

Why do you above all the people I've met,
you've to be such a beautiful man,
So similar with me...
And why did you've to be in complicated situation
Why did I fell in love with you knowing the risks...????!!!!!!!
Oh why???!!

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