quarta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2013

That Girl

That girl is like the moon,
Sometimes you can have a glimpse of her,
Only if she wants...
And part of her is always hidden.

She was though,
But heart given
She was not scare of death,
Yet her biggest fear is being alone with her thoughts...

Some days eventually we all want to be alone...
But in the end we just want to be with someone...
But still, not anyone...

She stares the rain drops falling
Smiling to her cat
Wondering, whishing

She'll never be that girl
She'll never be perfect inside and out
She'll never take things for granted
Even if they take her for granted...

She trys to not care
She dares to fight with herself
But the unpleasent things that bitters in her heart
Let her in a deep black hole...

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