quinta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2013

Every time we hold each other (cover by Selene Von Nix)

Every time we hold each other
Every time we hold each other...
Time passes by...
And together we dance under sorrow and delight

And every time we hold each other
I loose sense of time, and my heart beats stronger
I check my vital signs, they're weaker when i'm without you

And now my heart stops to be filled in
I'm just passing through your life
Now I am wondering if i'll ever be the person I want to
But it's time to leave my dream world for a while 

This is the stranger girl you'll ever met
I'm running to your arms
And I'm singing alone in this peculiar way
Because the moon is full and I am better today

And here I am standing in dark room
Far away the world
My will is good, so do you...

Thought I'm 22 years old
 I'm felling very calm
And before too long I know it's time to go
Tell my dear i love him so, he knows

Now it's time to let him go
Time is near, I wish it would last forever
Can you hear me, love?
Can you hold me, my love?
Can you kiss me, my sweet love?

And here I am standing in a dark room
Far way the world
My will is good and so do you... 

(Tentativa de letra para uma outra cover do Space Oddity, originalmente de David Bowie, no qual me inspirei na parte instrumental da cover que este astronauta fez da música que referi) 

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